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Multilingual publishing


All documents must convey an image of diligence and authority. Therefore, we translate files directly in the format in which they were created, in order to stay true to the presentation of the original documents. We have always used our expertise to work on the layout and production of manuals, catalogues, books, leaflets, brochures, magazines and other publications, in all of the languages required. The page layout process is followed by scrupulous quality checks and meticulous proofreading by expert native speakers. We work with the most widely used programmes for the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.


We can offer our clients expert mother-tongue revisers to carry out technical and quality checks on every kind of text in any language. We can review the contents, spelling, grammar and style of documents in foreign languages or carry out what we call a “side-check”: a painstaking word-for-word examination with the translation alongside the source text, thus allowing us to pick out any translation errors.

For publishing houses and all publications that will go to the press, we use a proofreading system that allows us to spot even the smallest mistakes in the spelling, syntax, punctuation, formatting and page layout.


With our network of experts in the production of texts and contents for websites, we develop the creative ideas behind successful marketing strategies. We can put together high-impact messages and copy for advertisements, newsletters, brochures, press releases and music reviews in any language.