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Thanks to our vast experience in the multi-lingual events sector, we are the ideal partners for conference and interpreting services.
The Connection Line interpreting service equips clients with a team of highly qualified professionals, making Connection Line one of the foremost providers of interpreting services in Europe and the world.
Our interpreters are professionals with many years’ experience behind them.
An interpreter is a professional figure who translates in real time, facilitating communication between people who speak different languages.
Connection Line interpreters are professionals with perfect knowledge of one, two or three foreign languages.

No matter the destination of your business trips or the country of residence of your commercial partners, Connection Line will overcome communication problems all over the world, providing you with high-quality, specialised interpreting services in any language.

Brief overview of the various types of interpreting services we can offer you:

Simultaneous Interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting is performed in an isolated soundproof booth fitted with headphones and a microphone. It is usually used for conferences, conventions, seminars or other medium- to large-scale events. It requires advanced translation and linguistic skills and excellent understanding of the techniques of this type of interpretation.

Consecutive Interpreting
Consecutive interpreting is performed in the physical presence of the interested parties. The interpreter listens to the speaker and translates the speech accurately into the other language, splitting this up into passages. It is usually used for press conferences, meetings or round table discussions. It requires advanced translation and linguistic skills and excellent understanding of the techniques of this type of interpretation.

Chuchotage is a form of simultaneous interpreting performed by whispering into the ear of the listener, in the presence of the interested parties without the use of technical equipment or assistance. It is usually used to instantly translate meetings, conferences, presentations, media events etc. for a listener.

Liaison interpreting
Liaison interpreting sees an interpreter accompany the client on company visits, fairs, business trips and so on, providing interpretation during business negotiations, contract agreements etc. and often at receptions or dinners. Liaison interpreting can also work in other situations such as meetings, press conferences, interviews and small conferences.

Escort interpreting
Escort interpreting sees a professional with excellent linguistic and organisational skills provide their services at fairs, conventions, events and business tours.
In this type of interpreting, an interpreter accompanies a person or delegation on a journey, trip, visit, meeting or interview.